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Jaap van de Loosdrecht

Manager Centre of Expertise in Computer Vision NHL Hogeschool.

Since 1996 more than 160 industrial projects have been initiated and successfully completed. Customers range from one-man businesses to multinationals from all over the Netherlands. Approximately half of the assignments are follow-up assignments. Focus on computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks and genetic algorithms.

Managing director of Van de Loosdrecht Machine Vision BV.

Product is the software package VisionLab. VisionLab is a portable library (C++) and a development environment for machine vision applications, pattern recognition and classification with neural networks. VisionLab runs on Windows, Linux and Android platforms with x86, x64, ARM or PowerPC architecture. More than 160 operators of the library have been parallelized using OpenMP for multi-core CPUs. There is also a toolbox for using OpenCL kernels from both script language and C++.

Developing course on Computer Vision, in use by 10 Universities. The course material in the English language is online available at www.vdlmv.nl/course and www.nhl.nl/computervision.

Founder and chairman of Cluster Computer Vision Noord Nederland (42 companies).

Founder and chairman of Platform Beeldverwerking HBO (10 Universities of applied science).

Master research project in collaboration with the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland with the title “Acceleration sequential machine vision algorithms using commodity parallel hardware”. This project focus on both multi-core CPUs and GPUs. Tools used are OpenMP and OpenCL.


NHL Centre of Expertise in Computer Vision
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Van de Loosdrecht Machine Vision BV
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Talk: Accelerating sequential computer vision algorithms using commodity parallel hardware