David Williams – SVCG – University of Groningen


David Williams is a postdoctorate researcher at the University of Groningen, where he is researching the automatic parallelization of C++ code for the GPU. This is for a European project undertaken in collaboration with industry partners in the UK, Italy, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. Prior to this, David worked as a graphics researcher and developer in the entertainment and medical visualization industries. He received his PhD from City University, London in 2007.

The SVCG group carries out research in the area of scientific visualization, information visualization, software visualization, multiscale shape analysis, illustrative computer graphics, and innovative interfaces using large displays. We apply our research to fundamental and practical problems from the life sciences (functional brain imaging, bioinformatics) and astronomy. The group participates in the research school Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience (BCN) and the Neuroimaging Center (NIC) of the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen.

Link to group-page: http://www.cs.rug.nl/svcg/

Talk: A General Toolkit for “GPUtilisation” in SME Applications