Bas Fagginger Auer – University of Utrecht


Bas Fagginger Auer:

I have been a PhD student at Utrecht University since September 2009, after obtaining my mathematics and physics degrees there as well.
My current research has two foci: using the computing power of many-core shared-memory architectures to efficiently solve discrete Scientific Computing problems (such as matching in graphs and graph clustering), as well as working on hypergraph partitioning (particularly in the context of the Mondriaan matrix partitioner).

I have attached a photo of myself, because we currently do not have a group photo with all current members.
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The Scientific Computing group in Utrecht:

The Scientific Computing (SC) group of Utrecht University is part of the Mathematics Institute and is responsible for the SC specialization of the Mathematical Sciences Master.
The SC specialization offers courses in numerical linear algebra, parallel algorithms, numerical partial differential equations, and additional courses in various application areas.
The SC group consists of
– Professor Rob Bisseling (matrix partitioning and graph, hypergraph, and parallel algorithms),
– Dr. Gerard Sleijpen (numerical linear algebra and Krylov subspace and multigrid methods),
– Dr. Paul Zegeling (numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations and moving grid methods),
– Inan Ates (PhD-student of Paul Zegeling),
– Lee Siaw Chong (PhD-student of Gerard Sleijpen),
– and Bas Fagginger Auer (PhD-student of Rob Bisseling).