Andrew Richards & Paul Keir – Codeplay


Andrew Richards

Codeplay are internationally recognized experts in advanced optimizing technologies, compilers and programmable graphics. We have been providing acceleration solutions that optimize performance for graphics semiconductor designers and AAA game developers since 1999.

In the semiconductor sector, Codeplay partners with leading chip manufacturers, such as AGEIA, Qualcomm and Movidius, helping them to exploit the full potential of their chipsets and accelerate time-to-market. Our high performance C/C++ compiler technology enables GPU product managers to bring breakthrough new technologies to their graphics processors, significantly reducing development time, costs and risks.

Paul Keir

Our compiler testing technologies enable the rapid testing of new compilers and languages, such as OpenCL and shader languages. And our expert compiler developers are ready to take on tough optimization and development projects, with years of experience working on graphics processor compilers.

In the games sector, Codeplay’s game acceleration technology, Offload™, is being used by game developers helping them to obtain the very best performance from their graphics, AI and game code across multiple video game platforms.

Codeplay’s consultancy services, optimization technologies and bespoke support enables semiconductor manufacturers and game developers to stay ahead in the continual race in both these competitive sectors, helping our customers set the standard for stunning graphics in visual computing and gaming.

Tel: +44 131 466 0503


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